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Monday, September 29, 2021

great pumpkins
Yes, autumn is in the air here in New York, and that means… Pumpkins!

These big-ass pumpkins were displayed for sale on the sidewalk today, and I felt compelled to snap a cameraphone photo while passing by. They must have been at least 30 pounds each. Their location at the corner of 29th Street and 6th Avenue is geographically Midtown, although it feels more like Chelsea, despite that neighborhood ending a few blocks south.

Embiggened version of this snapshot, including a larger-framed context of the streetscape, on Flickr.

Suddenly, I can’t wait for the next airing of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 09/29/2008 08:18:22 PM
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Since advice columns like Dear Abby are no longer in my face print-wise, I’ve adopted the New York Times’ weekly Metropolitan Diary as my regularly-scheduled lightweight newspaper reading. It’s usually good for a breezy mental intake, framed as urban slice-of-life.

Today’s edition seemed to be a cut above the usual presentation, probably because of Alexander Lateo’s N Train incident:

At the 57th Street station, a man in his 30s boarded the train, placed his bag on the floor, grabbed the two horizontal bars and started doing some pull-ups. No one said anything to him; after all, he was bothering nobody.

At the Fifth Avenue station, a lady in her 50s came in, placed herself in the middle of the car and blurted to the man, still in the middle of his acrobatic feats: “Excuse me! Excuse me! Where do you think you are — at the gym?” To the amazement of everyone he stopped, turned to the lady, apologized and sat down.

She did not waste any time. She brought out of her bag a melodica and started to play “La Cucaracha” — not, I have to say, with great technical skills.

The gymnast, not wasting any time, yelled: “Excuse me! Excuse me! Where do you think you are — Carnegie Hall?”

I’ve really got to start riding the more interesting subway lines. You’d think the No. 6 and (especially) F line would provide more onboard entertainment; but no dice, or else I’m so inured to the oddities that I ignore them.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 09/29/2008 11:21:02 AM
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This assessment of President George W. Bush’s ineffectual final days in office — as the revolt of right(er)-leaning House Republicans against his $700-billion financial bailout plan demonstrated — is too good of a play on phrases to not save for the future:

As Ed Rollins, the White House political director under Ronald Reagan, put it cruelly but crisply on CNN on Friday: “This isn’t a lame-duck administration. This is a dead-duck administration.”

And it would follow, in this context of the inter- and intra-party sniping taking place, that Bush is a sitting duck.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 09/29/2008 10:54:54 AM
Category: Politics, Wordsmithing
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