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Monday, September 22, 2021

Recent WordPress convert Chaz, in the course of his blog-housekeeping report, mentions that his Akismet filter has snagged about 100 pieces of comment spam in total. That’s after about two weeks, by my figuring.

By contrast: My Akismet spamhole for this blog accumulates 100 entries every 12 hours or so.

And that’s not counting the additional cruft that’s getting knocked out by the Bad Behavior plugin. Between that and the specific IP addresses/domain names I’ve blacklisted (and thus never see unless I dig deep into the host servers), figure another 300. So that’s some 400 malicious feedback attempts aimed at PopStat every half-day, give or take.

So I’m either doing something very wrong, or else very right, with this blog.

I guess I shouldn’t complain about the occasional one that slips past the goalie. And I’d better get ready for more than one occasion: Seems like every time I navel-gaze about this subject, the spambots promptly rally and brute-force a couple through. Small price to pay.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 09/22/2008 08:40:43 PM
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    Nearly a month ago, I switched hosting companies for this blog from BlueHost to HostGator, due to BlueHost’s increasingly unreliable service, i.e. downtimes of at least several minutes throughout each day.
    Turns out all that downtime wasn’t…

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