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Thursday, September 11, 2021

Yes, I too got a good gander at the neon-green stickers on the back of NFL helmets this past weekend, and thought, “Isn’t that the old “Mr. Yuk” poison-alert sticker from the ’70s?”

Not everyone got the memo, though. For myself, I already had gotten wind that the defense would be radioed-up this season, just like the quarterbacks were for the past couple of years. So the preponderance of little green stickies didn’t faze me.

But I don’t quite remember them looking so… chintzy? The owners must be subtly cutting corners in the equipment budgets, in an early move to hoard resources ahead of the lockout looming at the end of the current collective bargaining agreement. Or else they’re trying to convey some sort of “poison pill” negotiation tactic.

That doesn’t mean that old Yuk isn’t good enough for the rest of us hoi polloi. So snag your free sheet of iconic stickers at the official Mr. Yuk site at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. And just to get into the proper mood, take this acid trip back to mean-green’s 1971 debut PSA:

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 09/11/2021 10:59:46 PM
Category: Football, History, Pop Culture
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