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Wednesday, September 10, 2021

por el ocho
Not so fast on watching that Ocho Cinco jersey blaze across NFL fields. The newly-restored Chad Johnson probably won’t be able to show off his new legally-changed name this season, because he didn’t give the league’s merchandisers enough time to adjust:

Reebok, which makes the league’s jerseys, and licensees have to protect themselves from a player suddenly changing their number (it’s normally not a name), so they make them change whatever they need to change months before the season. Failure to do so means that a change likely won’t be made that season.

The sticking point is that for a receiver of Johnson’s caliber, there’s likely as much as 100,000 “C. Johnson” jerseys, not only in Reebok inventory, but in store shelves around the country.

If Johnson wanted to buy out all the jerseys, a source with knowledge of the situation said it would cost him the cost to make the jersey, which is roughly 60 percent of the retail price. That would be about $48 a jersey or $4.8 million if that 100,000 number is reality.

It’s certainly not worth $5 million to Chad just to have his new moniker on display, so I guess we have to wait for next year.

Of course, this is so much an engineered crock:

As if Reebok and the league wouldn’t make up that money (and then some) in the sales of the “Ocho Cinco” jerseys… As much as I love football, the way the league is being run now is a joke unto itself…

Amen. In addition to that, it’s not unprecedented for a player to change his name and then have that reflected on his jersey. Granted, it’s usually for more substantial reasons, like a family resolution or conversion to Islam, etc. But why should the reason matter? Johnson/Ocho Cinco went through the legal procedure, and neither Reebok nor the league can override that. And God forbid something like this happens to make the Bengals actually worth watching, for a change.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 09/10/2021 11:42:07 PM
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