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Saturday, September 06, 2021

Splashtop is a software app that’s finding its way on more and more notebook computers, as an end-around to minutes-long startup processes on Windows and Macs:

An instant-on feature, such as Splashtop, gets around the problem by avoiding Microsoft Windows. Push the button, and in a few seconds, a Linux-based “mini-operating system” is activated. It lets you use some popular tools, such as an Internet browser, Web e-mail and instant messaging, as well as make Skype phone calls and open attachments.

The feature also extends the battery power, since only a small portion of the laptop’s computing power is consumed.

The natural question, in my view: Why do we still need a full-blown (or full-bloat?) OS at all anymore on our machines? This solution is for an on-board, self-inflicted problem — and that “problem” is, ironically, supposed to be the entire reason why you can make the most out of your computer.

Yes, I realize all the background processes are there for maximizing the processing power, carrying out backups, enabling networking and printing, etc. But honestly, it’s overkill. We might be looking at the beginning of a general stripping-down of operating systems, in the interests of instant-on speed and utility.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 09/06/2021 05:38:25 PM
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