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Thursday, September 04, 2021

circle it
Guess where I won’t be today? Anywhere north of 42nd Street, I’m guessing. That’s because I want to avoid the expected sidewalk-jam that’ll result from the National Football League’s takeover of Columbus Circle this afternoon, to hold a free concert featuring Usher, Keith Urban, and Natasha Bedingfield, as part of the now-traditional NFL Kickoff Thursday night special.

I’ve never been onboard with this detached Thursday night season-opening game. From the first year they held it, it struck me as excessive in its gaudy promotionalism, especially with all the pre-game crap. Now that it’s physically in my face and restricting my movements around town, I hate it even more.

That said, if the league had deigned to show tonight’s actual game between the Giants and Redskins on the on-site bigscreen monitor, after the concert was over, I could see myself trekking up there. But the spectacle ends when the songsters do, so forget that. It’d probably be a nightmare trying to escape the Circle afterward anyway; there’d be some irony in missing a big chunk of the resulting game, but then, it’s not like Kickoff is primarily about football anyway.

So I’ll be plopped in front of my TV tonight, watching the game. But not until actual kickoff time, of course.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 09/04/2021 01:06:53 PM
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Am I exposing myself as a tree-loving, freedom-hating liberal by posting the above side-by-side photo?

If so, so be it. All I know is that, with that signature hair-in-a-bun look, Republican veep candidate Sarah Palin bears a more-than-passing 3D resemblance to Kyle’s mom, aka Mrs. Sheila Broflovski, of “South Park” fame.

That’s strictly going by looks, although granted, Palin is much prettier than the dowdy Mrs. Broflovski. However, others are making a connection based on personality.

And speaking of her buzzworthy Convention speech, note that she did let her hair down, literally, for her center-stage closeup. So maybe that bun look was deemed more a negative than a positive, hockey-mom characterization notwithstanding.

Anyway, there’s a broader effort to find a Palin lookalike, for media purposes. So consider this my entry, for whenever an animated version of the 2008 Presidential election is hatched.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 09/04/2021 12:18:13 PM
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