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Tuesday, September 02, 2021

chew this
Dentyne has unveiled a spiffy new advertising campaign, on display in New York subway cars. It’s wholly based on equating gum-chewing with the serenity to be found when you disengage from modern telecommunications.

I guess it works. Not being a gum-chewer myself, I guess I’ll keep my eyes glued to my various Internet and phone interfaces.

Anyway, some of the notable taglines, all under the general umbrella of the campaign slogan “Make Face Time”:

- Browse the World Wide Something Else

- The Original Instant Message (a kiss)

- Friend Request Accepted (a hug)

- The Original Voicemail (a whisper)

- Send & Receive (an embrace)

- Chatroom Full (a group-crowding scene — presumably not an orgy, although surely that’s prime gum territory, right?)

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 09/02/2021 11:08:18 PM
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  1. I love the campaign, it makes me so happy when I get on a subway car with their ad campaign posted.

    Comment by David — 09/03/2021 @ 09:37:59 PM

  2. I dig this campaign as well. Dentyne normally pulls off some sweet stuff.

    Comment by Andrew — 09/05/2021 @ 11:56:49 PM

  3. The ads make me smile too. I think the ads are smart and different. Don’t seem typical.

    (Editor’s note: The IP address connected to this comment leads right back to the New York City office of McCann-Erickson Worldwide, which happens to be the advertising agency of record for Dentyne parent company Cadbury Adams USA. Although maybe not for long. :) )

    Comment by Gina — 09/09/2021 @ 03:29:47 PM

  4. I like the taxicab one with actor Tom Hatton. It makes me proud to be in New York!

    Comment by Jane — 10/01/2021 @ 02:08:26 PM


    That “Make Face Time” advertising campaign for Dentyne, which has been accompanying me on the subway, has moved full-bore to the Web.
    Begging the question: How does a call to action that rejects the online experience, play online? The answ…

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 10/01/2021 @ 09:14:44 PM

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