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Monday, August 25, 2021

In what amounts to a cast-chemistry change, reality show standard “American Idol” will add a fourth face to the judging table, with professional songwriter Kara DioGuardi joining the familiar trio.

I guess this is the reality TV equivalent of jumping the shark. Specifically, this would fall under the “New Kid in Town” category, ala “The Brady Bunch” and Cousin Oliver. Randy, Simon, and (especially, given the added shot of estrogen Kara brings) Paula are no longer as cute as they were when this abomination began, so it’s time to import some fresh blood. Hopefully, it’s a sign that the end is neigh for this reality greybeard.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 08/25/2008 06:35pm
Category: RealiTV Check, TV
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  1. Interesting you mention jump the shark as one of the other reality shows is preparing to do that as well. Dancing with the stars is bringing back ex Happy Days alum Ted McGinley for a shot. Unfortunately, I know the true apocalypse is upon us as the other shocker joining that cast is ex-Buc Warren Sapp. Jump the shark or just all out agony, you decide…

    Comment by Kirby — 08/25/2008 @ 8:43 PM

  2. I think apocalypse happens only if Sapp actually wins DWTS. Knowing the QB Killa, he’ll be too stoned throughout for that to actually happen.

    As for McGinley, he is the patron saint of Jump the Shark, and in fact has embraced that role. I’m hearing footsteps for the ballroom bonanza…

    Comment by CT — 08/26/2008 @ 10:27 AM

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