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Monday, August 04, 2021

So, that little maelstrom of controversy earlier this year over the naughty-naughty “OMFG” posters for “Gossip Girl”?

It appears that The CW is harnessing the byproducts of last April’s outrage to create the equivalent of (unintentional) user-generated taglines for the show’s new ad campaign:

The best part about the ads… is that the show is using actual “criticisms” from naysayers to promote the raciness of the teen drama.


The Boston Globe screamed GG was “Every Parent’s Nightmare,” while the Parents Television Council said the show was “Mind-Blowingly Inappropriate.” So the creative minds slapped the comments on poster, complete with a sexy photo of some of their hottie stars, and, voila!, advertising gold!

So this was the Vulcan-mind-trick intent all along, or else the network is taking an edgy lemonade-from-lemons approach. Either way, it’s a deft way of exploiting the knee-jerk negative attention the original ads got.

By the way: It’s 2008. People are still getting uptight about some lightweight television show “influencing” teens into having sex? Seriously? No wonder advertising manipulations like this strike gold.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 08/04/2021 08:40:41 AM
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