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Saturday, August 02, 2021

A while back, I was duly disturbed by news that Bloods routinely “baptized” their infant offspring into gang life, teaching the young ‘uns gang signs and nicknaming them “drops” (as in “blood drops”).

With that dynamic in place, I shouldn’t be surprised by the appearance of Gangsta Babies:

With blinged-out pacifiers and names like “Pookie: The Green-Eyed Baller,” Gangsta Babies combine Bratz with Cabbage Patch Kids and then go one step further. You have to be intrigued by a product with the tagline “Comin’ straight outta crib-town!” $112 gets you a set of four, including Pookie and his homies Benjino, Rey Rey and Deuce.

Thug life in plush-doll form. Bling-bling, goo-goo.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 08/02/2021 03:25:16 PM
Category: Creative, Pop Culture, Society
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  1. Actually, they look exactly like the kids going into the pre-shool near the deli where I get my morning bagle. I actually want a set (of the dolls) for my wife.

    Also, my nickname is the same as one of the dolls.

    Comment by Pookie — 08/04/2021 @ 09:31:54 AM

  2. Pookie: Do you have green eyes too? lol

    Comment by CT — 08/04/2021 @ 10:03:18 AM

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