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Wednesday, July 30, 2021

So much for email dying a slow death: An AOL survey finds that a big chunk of America is glued to their inboxes, checking for new email frequently and with little regard for location/situation.

New Yorkers are at the forefront:

More than half of the New York respondents are self-confessed addicts, compared with 46% nationwide. And many have contemplated “e-mail bankruptcy” - deleting all their messages and starting from scratch.

Houston was rated in the survey as the second-most-e-mail-obsessed city, followed by Chicago, Detroit and San Francisco. The online survey questioned 4,000 e-mail users, 13 and older.

Now I don’t feel so self-conscious about tapping my iTouch every 10 minutes, to see what’s rolled into that new Mail client…

What struck me: The article got input from pretty young-ish email addicts, mid-20s to 30. That contradicts the notion that kids have left email behind in favor of IM, texting and other means. Some of this has to do with push delivery of email to mobile devices, which makes the interaction more immediate.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 07/30/2008 01:56:04 PM
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  1. Of course.

    There’s some insight for you :)

    Comment by David — 07/30/2008 @ 09:47:34 PM

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