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Wednesday, July 23, 2021

heads like a hole
As culled by the Los Angeles Times’ “Hero Worship” blog, here’s a much-too-long roundup of the recent campy-inspired newspaper headlines covering or relating to The Dark Knight:

Los Angeles Times: Holy opening weekend, Batman!
Baltimore Sun: Holy box office records, Batman!
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Holy smokin’ movie projectors
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Batman! Holy heel, Batman!
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Holy gee, Batman! ‘Knight’ a hot one
Daily News (New York): Holy box office, Batman!
The Sunday Times (London): Holy joy, Batman! Brits soar in US
The Times (London): Holy megabucks Batman!
New Zealand Herald: Holy superlatives, Batman!
The Globe and Mail (Canada): Holy, hint, Batman! Holy Blu-ray, Batman! That’s one sharp picture
Chicago Sun-Times: Holy highs and lows, Batman!
Harborough Mail (UK): Holy hellraisers Batman!
Birmingham News (Alabama): Holy authenticity, Batman! & Holy blockbuster, Batman!
Redlands Daily Facts (California): Holy campout, Batman!
Times Colonist (Victoria, British Columbia): Holy human superhero, Batman!
Toronto Sun: Holy white-nose syndrome, Batman!
Toronto Star: Holy impressionist Batman!
The Vancouver Province (British Columbia): Holy IMAX scenes, Batman!
The Cincinnati Enquirer: Holy replica, Batman!
The Cincinnati Enquirer: Holy gangsters, Batman, this Joker was wild!
The Miami Herald: Holy collectibles, Batman!
The Sunday Mail (Queensland, Australia): Holy Schumacher, Batman!
Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, Florida): Pow! Bam! Armani! Holy pinstripe Batman!
Prince Rupert Daily News (British Columbia): Holy Cow Batman, heroes are out there
Star Tribune (Minneapolis): Holy muscles, Batman!
Star Tribune (Minneapolis): Holy High-Def, Batman!
The Boston Herald: Holy ticket sales, Batman!
North Bay Nugget (Ontario): Holy flashback; caped crusader returns!
The Charlotte Observer: Holy halibut, Batman!
Dothan Eagle (Alabama): Holy pepperoni, Batman!
Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville): Holy L.A. Jaguars, Batman!
The Oregonian (Portland): Holy Batman (& Robin)! Look what’s on high-def
The Wichita Eagle: Holy marketing, Batman!
The Capital Times (Madison, Wisc.): Holy variety, Batman!; Dark Knight’s library expands
Welland Tribune (Ontario): Holy DVDs, Batman!
Bedford Today: Holy film time Batman!
South China Morning Post: Holy Anime, Batman!
Sunday Star (England): Holy cash cow!
Sunday Star (England): Holy sex scandal, Batman!
Sunday Herald Sun (Australia): Holy pit stop, Batman!
Kingston Whig-Standard (Ontario): Biff! Bap! Whap! Blammo! Holy camp, Batman!
The New York Post: Holy show stealer, Batman!
The Clover Herald (South Carolina): Holy history, Batman!
The Monitor (McAllen, Texas): “Holy technology, Batman! We’re on Blu-ray!”

And last but not least, a very fitting one:

The Orlando Sentinel: Holy coincidences, Batman!

See if you can pick up the common thread…

More than anything this betrays the age of newspaper editors around the world. Fact is, the old Adam West TV show isn’t that widely in syndication anymore (at least not in the States). So these headline grafters are drawing heavily upon some 20-40 year old memories in order to perpetuate a better-forgotten bit of 1960s schlock; and there’s a good chance that a lot of the audience, especially the younger crowd, will have no idea what the reference is supposed to be. Enough already.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 07/23/2008 01:13:21 PM
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