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Sunday, July 13, 2021

hello again
Plenty of NFL drama this offseason with Brett Favre’s big flip-flop on his retirement and the turmoil it’s causing for Green Bay.

The Packers can’t say they didn’t see this coming. In addition to the weeks of behind-the-scenes wrangling between the ex-player and the team, Favre’s tongue-in-cheek cameo in a weeks-old T-Mobile ad provided weird foreshadowing:

In the ad, people are saying “Hello” rather than “Goodbye” [in an otherwise farewell-appropriate situations], and most notably, Brett Favre is seen saying, “After 17 seasons, it’s time for me to say ‘Hello.’”

As flaky as the Big Cheese QB has been regarding his career future over the past couple of years, I wouldn’t be surprised if his work in that commercial triggered him to make this comeback.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 07/13/2008 09:29:18 PM
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    No, I’m not interested in Brett Favre’s un-retirement circus. (Well, maybe a little.)
    But others are, and the worldwide leader in sports is responding to a ridiculous extent:
    All I know is that when ESPN starts running a crawl line at the …

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