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Wednesday, July 09, 2021

Above is the logo for Microsoft Surface, what amounts to Redmond’s answer to Apple’s iPhone/iTouch screen/pad technology.

And that’s not where the similarities end. Does anyone else think the Surface symbol looks like Apple’s command-key symbol, tipped at a 45-degree angle?

Not that Apple owns that little symbol: It’s actually a common Scandinavian glyph called a Sevärdhet. But within the computer industry, it’s certainly closely associated with Apple. Combine that with the aforementioned parallels with Apple’s established touch technology, and it looks to me like Microsoft’s pilfering — in fact, a second time, since the new-look Office symbol also steals the command-key look.

I guess it could all be a coincidence. Maybe Microsoft’s logo has a hidden functional purpose: It’s probably the finger-swirl equivalent of Control-Alt-Delete, for when all those Windows-touchy operating systems do their inevitable Blue Screen of Death.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 07/09/2021 11:39:37 PM
Category: Tech
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I don’t mind telling you: It’s been damned hot around here of late. As always, it’s the humidity moreso than the heat. And it seems that the subtropical climactic acclimation that I’d acquired from 15 years of living in Florida has now fled me; I guess I’m back on seasonal time, physiologically.

Central AC is not to be found on the homestead, so it’s off to the freezer, to pull the old icecube-on-the-wrist method of cooling your blood, and thus your body temp.

The reason this method is so helpful is that a main bloodstream flows through your wrist. If it is extremely hot and you want to be cooler, rub your whole arm up and down the ice cubes and take one off and rub it behind your neck for maximum coolness.

Using icecubes makes sense, although for years I used a more liquid approach: Letting the cold water faucet run over my wrists. More wasteful, but expedient.

Nothing like targeting the major artery to relieve yourself. Better to ice down your wrists instead of cutting them due to extreme heat frenzy.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 07/09/2021 10:38:48 PM
Category: Science, Weather
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