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Wednesday, June 18, 2021

Summer’s practically here, which means wedding season. And there’s no shortage of ideas on how to do up your nuptials right — just consult with The Knot, Brides Magazine

What’s that? Oh, you’re the one who’s going to be wearing the tux. Forget about the above two estrogen-laden links, then.

No, there’s not a whole lot of fashion and etiquette guidance out there for the male half of the marriage ceremony. Which is why Groomify came into being. Brought to you by Tom Biro, himself a groom-to-be, this site is an attempt to pool together helpful advice for the marrying guy who actually wants to look more than just halfway-presentable in the photo album. The wedding industry doesn’t think there’s enough of a market for such a repository, but surely, there’s got to be at least a few stylish “I-do” gentlemen out there, right?

That said, I’m trying to recall a stillborn joke I once pondered, when a magazine publishing colleague pointed out how gargantuan the pagecount the bridal titles routinely are. I countered with something about how, if there were such a thing as “Grooms Magazine”, the contrasting volume would be decidely thinner — like, probably covered by a single-sheet double-sided flyer.

Bottom line, guys: For your matrimonial prep, it’s either Groomify, or a viewing of Bachelor Party. Do you really want to let Tom Hanks, or (even worse) Adrian Zmed, inform you on your future conjoined happiness? I didn’t think so.

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If I needed another excuse to fix my barely broken-in rollerblades, this is it: The city will be shutting down automobile traffic on seven miles of Manhattan streets for three Saturdays in August, creating a pedestrian roaming-range:

The route will run north-south along Centre Street, Lafayette Street, Fourth Avenue and Park Avenue to 72nd Street. The southern half of 72nd Street from Park Avenue to Fifth Avenue will also be shut to vehicles, to link to Central Park.

[Mayor] Bloomberg and the transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan, said the idea was to make the streets a haven for walkers, cyclists and others. Fitness, dance and yoga classes will be held along the route, and there will also be places to rent bicycles.

Any chances of some pickup hockey games along this granola-flavored zone? If so, I’ll bring along my stick!

Only negative I see: The rules will be in effect only from 7AM to 1PM. I presume that’s meant to minimize the general traffic snarls and potential loss of commerce. But come on — I don’t really get rolling on Saturdays until noon. I’d rather have at least a couple of extra afternoon hours, even if that means a later morning start time.

There’s a big deal being made about closing off all that concrete to cars. It’s hardly unprecedented, as there are summer street festivals in midtown (5th Avenue and elsewhere) just about every weekend, not to mention the steady stream of parades. Drivers in Manhattan should be accustomed to such limitations.

I’ve taken a whack at Google Mapping this route; mileage is off, but it’s more or less accurate:

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