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Sunday, June 08, 2021

Rather than preside over same-sex marriages starting with the issuing of marriage licenses next week, one California county clerk has decided on the equivalent of tossing out the baby with the bathwater:

Ann Barnett plans to stop performing ceremonies for all couples in Kern County as of June 14. She will issue the new gender-neutral marriage licenses as required by law on June 17, but refuses to preside over any ceremony because of space and staff constraints, she said in a statement.

Barnett’s announcement came after she received advice from county lawyers that she could not refuse to marry only couples of her choosing.

Those “constraints” are so much hypocritical hogwash, as the expanded market for marriage-eligible Californians would bring more money to the counties:

All but a few counties offer to provide marriage ceremonies along with licenses. Contrary to the claim from Kern County that the ceremonies are a drain on resources, [Stephen] Weir, the clerk in Contra Costa County, said they make money.

“It is a financial plus,” said Weir, whose office makes $72,000 a year solemnizing marriages at $60 a pop. “It’s something you can do fairly easily, pays its own way and is a service you are providing to your customer.”

So basically, Kern County will start marrying off couples again within a couple of years, once it’s apparent how non-eventful gay marriage will become, and how much of a fiscal shortfall they’re experiencing by holding out. Typical conservative foot-dragging.

On the other hand, if this local government sticks to its guns and stays permanently out of the betrothal business, it could advance the idea that the state shouldn’t dabble in personal unions in the first place, hetero or homo. Somewhere, Michael Kinsley is smiling.

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medium cool
The last time I posted an iPod Random 8 list, I thought I’d picked up a correlation between rainy days and this exercise.

But maybe it’s broader than that: Any crappy weather will do. Such is the case today, sorta, as New York is sweltering through the first heatwave of the year. Normally I eat up the heat, but even I’m suffering; must be the abrupt shift from semi-cool one day to blazing hot this weekend (or else I’ve finally acclimated away from my former Floridian climate-control).

Whatever the cause, my most recent shuffling of iTouch sounds produced the following.

Side note: I’ve gone ahead and finally created an iPod category, with iPod Random Tracks subcategory, and placed all past posts on this subject in there. Makes it a lot easier to hunt through the past editions of this mess. Plus, it occurs to me that this subgroup would be ideal for trying out WordPress’ new tagging capabilities, although I’ll have to think about that more.

1. “Break The Ice (Soul Seekerz Dirty Club)”, Britney Spears - You’ve got my heart beating like an 808.

2. “The Race Is On”, George Jones - True love’s scratched for another’s sake.

3. “Freedom! ‘90″, George Michael - But today the way I play the game is not the same.

4. “Cherry Blossom Girl (Simian Mobile Disco mix)”, AIR - Tell me why can’t it be true?

5. “Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex”, CSS - Music is my favorite mistress.

6. “14th St. Break”, Beastie Boys - [instrumental, no lyrics]

7. “Roam”, The B-52’s - Shootin’ through every degree.

8. “The Girl You Lost to Cocaine (Stonebridge Vocal)”, Sia - I’ll never get laid while I’m running your life.

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