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Saturday, June 07, 2021

If you can pull off a “windmill” on both the breakdancing cardboard and the chessboard, then Iā€™m thinking WuChess is the online chess-playing site for you.

Me, I canā€™t swing either. But I still like the idea of Wu-Tang Clanā€™s RZA being enough of a chess freak to launch this uniquely-branded gaming site.

Maybe a little too unique:

…The pieces are designed using martial-arts and Wu-Tang symbols, which can make playing confusing. (Instead of a horseā€™s head, for example, the knight is a silhouette of a martial-arts fighter flying through the air.) [chesspark.com president Patrick] Mahoney said users would eventually be able to select from more traditional piece designs.

They need to infuse this effort with some of that Wu-Tang Financial cash.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 06/07/2021 05:18:09 PM
Category: Creative, Internet, Pop Culture
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    We see more of the private side of Howard Stern by learning that heā€™s a chess enthusiast.
    I didnā€™t realize that the domain of the “King of All Media” included the chessboard.
    Stern is newly married, so remember this tidbit for w…

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