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Friday, May 30, 2021

I foolishly thought I’d be the only one to notice that Google snuck in a new-look favicon for themselves, apparently today. It’s a lower-case “g” with a shadowed background — fairly ornate for a tiny image, and very distinct from their old capital-G square.

My eye caught it this morning, while doing scads of image research. So I saw it applied on the Google Image Search and Google Maps sub-sites. However, it doesn’t appear to be on the default Google site; iGoogle and Google News also are left out. So maybe Mountain View is slowly rolling this 16×16 rebrand, on a trial basis.

I’m a big fan of using favicons, in all their subtle glory, as a fundamental part of good website design. Just because you can’t see it most of the time in Internet Explorer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it on your site; going without one comes off to me as amateurish.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 05/30/2008 03:25:10 PM
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This is definitely worth checking out: David Byrne of (whether he likes it or not) Talking Heads fame is getting kooky with a lower Manhattan landmark. He’s taken the Battery Maritime Building on Whitehall Street and turned it into a massive musical instrument, via an art installation called “Playing the Building”.

At least for the next two and a half months, though, the building will simply serve as a gargantuan cast-iron orchestra. Besides being fitted with several motors, which produce the bass sounds by vibrating a set of girders that once supported a stained-glass skylight in the 40-foot-high ceiling, the organ is attached to a pump that blows air through a tangle of hoses. These hoses snake into the huge room’s old water and heating pipes and conduits, making primitive flute sounds. And then there are more than a dozen spring-loaded solenoids, attached like woodpeckers to the columns and even to a linebacker-size radiator that emits a surprisingly sonorous tone when struck in just the right place with a metal rod.

Rocking the house, Beaux-Arts style. I’m trying to imagine the Heads applying this to CBGB back in the day…

Best of all, it’s a free show, and open to a hands-on public. Basically just have to take the 1 train all the way to the end at South Ferry, then walk a couple of blocks. Nothing easier.

I’m thinking Byrne or whoever at Creative Time should keep a running recording of what the masses’ gliding fingers produce. At least a couple of outputs would be lyrical and worthy of inclusion on Byrne’s next project, musical or otherwise.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 05/30/2008 11:37:22 AM
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