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Sunday, May 18, 2021

There’s no small bit of irony in National Rifle Association members submitting to concealed-weapons screenings at their own annual conference in Louisville, thanks to an appearance by John McCain.

That’s right, no guns allowed at the big NRA pow-wow, per Secret Service protocol. And apparently, the membership interprets the right to bear arms even more broadly than that:

Many had been alerted to the no-firearms edict, so few arrived packing.

“I got a gun in the car,” said Deborah Phelps of Fredonia, Ky.

The alert, however, said nothing about pocketknives, which seemingly everybody here was carrying. Hundreds of conventiongoers finally reached the detectors only to be told they could not be admitted with an implement they had never even considered to be a weapon.

The casual items you’ll find in someone’s pockets speaks volumes. I’ve never carried around a pocketknife, and it really wouldn’t occur to me to ever do so. I’ve managed to struggle through life without packing one, so far.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 05/18/2008 03:32:37 PM
Category: Politics
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