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Thursday, April 24, 2021

sweetz gig
Who knew that a slightly-creepy cat humor site did enough business to need an office staff? But it’s true: “I Can Has Cheezburger” is hiring, and is getting more of a challenge than anticipated in the screening process.

Apparently, looking at Lolcats all day is an appealing job. Ben Huh, founder of the site and chief executive of Seattle-based Pet Holdings Inc., has received 250 applications since the job was posted on Monday under the headline “Kittehs Want Moar Workerhumans.”

“I got a stack of resumes that I can’t even go through,” Huh said. “You know how they say, ‘Spell everything correctly because the people reading your resume will toss it out otherwise?’ Well, we can’t even do that. We won’t knock you out for spelling…. The traditional resume screening methods don’t apply here.”

The winning applicant will join three other people who moderate ICHC and a few related Pet Holdings sites (think dogs with funny captions). A big part of the job will be selecting from the 7,000 submissions the company receives every day of captioned photos, plus 2,000 uncaptioned ones.

I really hope they have some sort of sensory-overload specialist on-hand, to guard against surefire burnout. Really, how many bizarro photos can someone sift through before their mind rebels in protest?

I’ve got no plans to relocate to the Emerald City, so regrettably, I’ll have to decline this (questionable) opportunity. However, just to show I can flow with the cryptic content, I offer up my previous two posts on the LOLcat phenomenon. Specifically the post titles:



Actually, in a way, this fractured diction might need more stringent editing than you’d expect. Right up my alley, skills-wise.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 04/24/2008 10:38:07 PM
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  1. Oh, how I would love to have that job. Seriously. But I would expand it to sheep and ducks, too.

    Comment by david — 04/25/2008 @ 07:20:49 AM

  2. I’m sure LOLsheep and LOLduck sites are next on Pet Holdings agenda… (And I’m sure my duxz image accompanying this post brought half of your menagerie to mind, right? :) )

    Comment by CT — 04/25/2008 @ 01:06:56 PM

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