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Sunday, April 13, 2021

Much as my first Jelly session was photographed and Flickr’d, this past Friday’s Jellyness was video-recorded and Viddler’d.

Viddler‘d? Yes. Just watch:

Somewhere around the midway point of this compilation, you’ll see yours truly, wearing a green-and-white long-sleeved tshirt. I consciously decided to dress down this time, as I felt I stuck out last time in my shirt and tie. It helped that I made Jelly the main event of that Friday. The wardrobe choice came back to bite me late in the day, when I had to make a last-minute face-to-face meeting, but little (if any) harm done.

You’ll also notice me brandishing my XO Laptop, that I said I’d bring. Despite the oohs and ahs, no one was interested enough in the little Linux box to actually crack it open. I had figured as much beforehand.

Unfortunately, the videocamera (which was, in fact, one of those super-cool Flips) didn’t capture my triumphant snag-free upgrade of WordPress 2.5 onto PopulationStatistic.com. Good thing I blogged about it, right?

I had to leave around 1:30, after spending the better part of the morning at House 2.0. So I didn’t get to participate in the Wii gamebreak, nor the wrap-up potluck dinner. I believe the next Jelly is coming up in a couple of weeks, so maybe I’ll stick around for the extracurriculars then.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 04/13/2008 03:21:18 PM
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