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Friday, April 11, 2021

Posting this from today’s Jelly co-working gathering in midtown Manhattan, which I said I’d attend. Go figure that I’d actually follow through.

Maybe I should make a point to hit this joint every time it’s held. Because something rubbed off today, and I was able to upgrade this blog to the brand-new WordPress 2.5 without a hitch! That’s the first time I’ve ever been able to upgrade WP on this site and not have something explode. Today, I followed the upload-and-overwrite instructions, and somehow it all worked.

At least as far as I can tell. Little things may need tweaking; I’ve already had to adjust the plugins. I may or may not play with the new tagging feature (highly touted for this release, but I can take it or leave it — for now). And as usual, I had to disable the fool default-login aspect of the commenting feature (something I’d really love to hear justified by the WP developers, because I don’t see the point of it). But the rendering on the site looks good, with proper permanlinks and everything, so that’s my chief concern.

This is something of a milestone for me. I feel like going out and getting tore up to celebrate! Well, maybe just a cocktail or two, at least.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 04/11/2021 01:36:29 PM
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    Much as my first Jelly session was photographed and Flickr’’d, this past Friday’’s Jellyness was video-recorded and Viddler’’d.
    Viddler‘’d? Yes. Just watch:

    Somewhere around the midway point of this compilation, you’’ll see yours truly, wearing a…

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