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Friday, April 11, 2021

Yes, I have noticed that the 2008 National Hockey League playoffs commenced earlier this week. In fact, I’ve been putting myself into sensory overdrive by watching all the games thus far — including the ones being streamed on Yahoo! Sports, like tonight’s Pittsburgh-Ottawa Game 2 tilt.

But no, I haven’t blogged anything about the NHL postseason so far. That might change, but for now, I’d rather just take in the games and leave it at that. The last thing the world needs is another set of predictions and assessments over which team will hoist the Stanley Cup in June.

That said, I am enjoying watching my hometown Rangers taking the early lead in their series against the Devils, and I’m crossing my fingers for an upset advance into Round 2. Out West, I’m skeptical that the Sharks will finally go all the way to the Finals, despite their on-paper strength, simply because they manage to find a way to implode every year.

So far, so fun. Game on.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 04/11/2021 08:48:56 PM
Category: Hockey
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Posting this from today’s Jelly co-working gathering in midtown Manhattan, which I said I’d attend. Go figure that I’d actually follow through.

Maybe I should make a point to hit this joint every time it’s held. Because something rubbed off today, and I was able to upgrade this blog to the brand-new WordPress 2.5 without a hitch! That’s the first time I’ve ever been able to upgrade WP on this site and not have something explode. Today, I followed the upload-and-overwrite instructions, and somehow it all worked.

At least as far as I can tell. Little things may need tweaking; I’ve already had to adjust the plugins. I may or may not play with the new tagging feature (highly touted for this release, but I can take it or leave it — for now). And as usual, I had to disable the fool default-login aspect of the commenting feature (something I’d really love to hear justified by the WP developers, because I don’t see the point of it). But the rendering on the site looks good, with proper permanlinks and everything, so that’s my chief concern.

This is something of a milestone for me. I feel like going out and getting tore up to celebrate! Well, maybe just a cocktail or two, at least.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 04/11/2021 01:36:29 PM
Category: Business, New Yorkin'
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