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Tuesday, April 08, 2021

If you watched last night’s NCAA men’s basketball championship game, you might have noticed the shiny new ladder that was used for the night-ending climb to the ceremonial net-clipping.

What, you didn’t? That’s bad news for Werner Ladder, because they ponied up the necessary scratch to be named the “Official Ladder of the NCAA Basketball Championships”.

Actually, I didn’t watch a minute of the game, since I’m not a hoops fan. But this news item worked on me in a sense, because I did make sure to tune in at the end, just to see how that ladder would be precisely-positioned for the camera to catch that prominent Werner logo. So I noticed it, if no one else.

But why stop the sponsorship gravy only halfway up?

Still unsold but presumably available would be a sponsorship of the Official Scissors of the NCAA basketball net-cutting ceremony. More often than not, a bandage scissors provided by the winning team’s trainer is used to actually cut down the nets. Perhaps ShopScissors.com?

There is, of course, an echo of gallows humor to the observation. Because it’s a lead-pipe cinch that by this time next year, some scissor-maker will step up and buy their way into that coveted “official NCAA scissor-cutters” spotlight. In fact, this year’s branding focus on the official ladder will serve to spur the bidding on the until-now moribund scissor namings-right opportunity — money begets money. That competitive spirit is what college sports is all about, right?

Maybe the winning clip-job sponsor will throw a curveball into the process, and have the Scissor Sisters on hand to deliver a deranged serenade for this triumphant ceremony.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 04/08/2021 12:19:28 PM
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trending sports, baby!Looks like Dick Vitale is branching out beyond his college hoops expertise, with a weekly quick-hit roundup on ESPN.com of his take on current sports stories.

I guess it’s something to keep Dickie V occupied during the roundball offseason. But I find it strange to see him quip on the NHL playoffs, even briefly — very out of context.

Now, if he starts dropping in copious amounts of V-Speak in future editions, I’ll get more into it. Can’t wait for Dick to anoint Alex Ovechkin as a PTPer!

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 04/08/2021 08:33:39 AM
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