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Friday, March 28, 2021

Much as Monday Night Football and Terrell Owens taught up almost four years ago, you simply cannot put a black man and white woman together in American media and not have people go (pardon the pun) apeshit.

But the image is stirring up controversy, with some commentators decrying the photo as perpetuating racial stereotypes. [LeBron] James strikes what some see as a gorilla-like pose, baring his teeth, with one hand dribbling a ball and the other around [Gisele] Bundchen’s tiny waist.

It’s an image some have likened to King Kong and Fay Wray.

“It conjures up this idea of a dangerous black man,” said Tamara Walker, 29, of Philadelphia.

And in fact, some think that photographer Annie Leibovitz, who shot this April 2008 cover of Vogue, took her inspiration from the semi-famous “Destroy This Mad Brute” World War I propaganda poster, which predates King Kong.

As always, image is everything.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 03/28/2008 03:37:43 PM
Category: Basketball, Fashion, Photography, Publishing
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  1. wow that’s messed up it does make him look like a brute or ape in comparison. Her dress also reminded me of the statue of liberty.

    Comment by Tara — 03/31/2008 @ 08:19:21 PM

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