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Sunday, March 23, 2021

Today was the Easter holiday for most of Christendom — but not all of it.

And since I’m aligned with that other Church, this Sunday was just another free day for me. No familial obligations to fulfill (they were pointedly avoided, in fact, in what amounts to a silent signification of the Eastern Orthodox divergence on this holiday), so I took advantage by getting out of the house and wandering the streets, with nothing particularly pressing to drive me.

Frankly, o counter-Christians, I’m not impressed with this late March observation of Jesus’ comeback. Resurrection is supposed to coincide with Spring, renewal and all that; and while the calendar might align that way, the day’s weather sure didn’t. Temperatures in the mid-40s in midtown Manhattan don’t jibe with rejuvenation, either spiritual or physical.

I’m thinking that Orthodox Easter, scheduled for April 27th, is going to be a lot more Springlike around here, provided we don’t get a freak extension of Winter weather (you never know, in this age of global weirding). So for once, the “other” Easter will seem more appropriate, at least climate-wise. I’ll take it, on style points.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 03/23/2008 08:49:55 PM
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    I’ve concocted a new personal timeframe: Starting today and ending April 26th, I’m living “between the Easters”.
    Yes, there’s another Easter observance coming next month, and I’m one of the Orthodox Christians who…

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