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Saturday, March 15, 2021

To raise the $75,000 necessary to make her next album, former one-hit wonder Jill “I Kissed A Girl” Sobule came up with a novel idea: Asking for telethon-like contributions ranging from $5 to $10,000, which net back anything from a free digital download of the completed album all the way up to the opportunity to sing on the record with Jill.

The Web-driven goal was reached and then some, with $80 thou as the grand total. Not bad for someone who was fishing around for ideas on this back in September.

That’s still a pretty lengthy fundraising cycle. Jill could have expedited the process by, say, fucking the governor of New York. That seems to be working for the now-infamous Ashley Alexandra Dupré, who’s outing as Eliot Spitzer’s “Kristen” call-girl is apparently parlaying into spiked popularity for her budding singing career.

Although I question how valid that claim is. From what I can see, you can listen to Dupré’s two songs on Amie Street all you want without buying the tracks. Does that translate to the “popularity” that’s boosting their price? I’m doubting that many people are actually coughing up money here.

Still, it’s exposure, and radio stations are warming up to the songs. Dupré might just be on her way to bigger musical fame and fortune than Sobule will ever achieve, without the begging for money part.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 03/15/2008 07:25:20 PM
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