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Tuesday, March 11, 2021

The Empire State is just waiting for the other boot to drop at this point, as Eliot Spitzer is holed up on Fifth Avenue, contemplating his resignation from the governor’s office.

But in the meantime, David Letterman is going off on the “luv guv” and his stalemate:

The studio audience erupted in applause when Letterman ripped Spitzer for pondering his future on the public’s dime.

“Well, I mean how does that benefit us residents of the Empire State, you know what I’m saying,” Letterman said. “I mean, should that really be his decision?”

Spitzer should “go down to the Mayflower hotel and figure that out there,” said Letterman, drawing both laughs and cheers referring to the Washington D.C. location of the governor’s tryst.

When one of the main beneficiaries of the punchline material being generated gets down and serious about ending this episode sooner rather than later, I think the writing on the wall can’t get any clearer.

As for the long-term impact, we can always look back on this as a prime example of hubris in action. Spitzer went from coronation (his landslide election victory over hapless Republican John Faso, which was telegraphed months beforehand) to condemnation in a remarkably short timeframe. And his vague apology over the prostitution sting, which came off more as an attempt to frame the issue as a private family matter than a political target, was the cherry on top.

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Here’s a cute local sports media maneuver: To coincide with this week’s rebranding of the Fox Sports New York (FSNY) to MSG Plus, the channel’s Islanders pre- and post-game host Deb Kaufman is taking the opportunity to rechristen her own on-air handle.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do; there just never seemed to be a good time to do it,” she said. “Since the network was changing its name…”

Well, why not? Starting with tonight’s Islanders-Lightning game, Deb Kaufman will be Deb Placey, her name in her non-work life for the 13 years since she married Ed Placey, a senior coordinating producer for ESPN college football…

She does not plan a formal announcement but figures [Isles announcers] Howie Rose and Billy Jaffe will take care of spreading the news.

Actually, she did make the announcement on the air, during the pregame show. I’m sure many Islanders fans hearts were broken upon hearing that Deb is already hitched; I suppose they could start drooling over competing NHL television MILF Christine Simpson on Versus.

It’s worth noting that MSG Network has not caught up on this development, as it still lists her as Deb Kaufman on her bio page. Rebranding is always a tough row to hoe.

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