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Sunday, February 24, 2021

subway strumming
Yes, that would be a lady playing her harp on a subway platform. Specifically the L Line‘s first Brooklyn stop at Bedford Avenue and North 7th Street.

Musical performers are a common sight at NYC subway stations, but the majority tend to use more compact instruments like guitars. I’m guessing this harp lady is fairly unique. Plus, how much of a hassle must it be to lug that huge thing around? (That big blue thing behind her is the harp’s case, by the way.) I’d hope that she makes an appearance at a Manhattan station, but I’m thinking the chances are slim.

I wish I could take credit for capturing this shot, but I can’t. The original is right here, along with larger versions for more visual details.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 02/24/2008 03:36pm
Category: New Yorkin', Photography
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    The above picture of the L Line Bedford Avenue platform harp-playing performance artist is re-presented here as an anonymous favor to an anonymous poster on Subway Crush:
    Some weekends I see you playing a giant ass harp at the Bedford stop and I think to…

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    You see them more often than not when you commute via NYC’s underground: Subway musicians, both official and unofficial. (I believe Bedford Station subway harp lady, above, is/was in the latter camp.) I wonder, how often does such exposure lead t…

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