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Wednesday, February 06, 2021

It’s funny, the attention some random post in this space attracts. Mere hours after I wrote a little something about Web video distributor iAmplify, I got an invite from one of their sales reps to join their affiliate network.

And I did, as signified by the little javascripted video-ad box in the upper-left sidebar of this page, and the larger version of that box at the bottom of this page/post.

The little box represents the carving out of new advertising territory on this blog. The big box displaces the YouTube-AdSense video ad unit that Google rolled out last October; my willingness to toss that one should tell you how poorly it was performing, in fact contrasting the other AdSense placements I run here.

In any case, iAmplify is appearing here on a trial basis. I’m curious to see if it’ll bring in any money. I’m not optimistic: Not only does someone have to actually buy a video through iAmplify for me to see any coin, but the product selection is limited and not synced at all to specific page content. For a generalist blog like mine, that means someone cruising here via a Google search for, say, iPod information won’t be served up an offer for instructional videos for best practices in using your digital media player. The reason AdSense attracts clicks is precisely because it matches up relevant keywords in content and ads. So first task for iAmplify is to figure out some way to achieve that.

On top of that, the boxes don’t seem to be screwing with the blog template. If they turn out to do so, or somehow slow down loading times, they’re gone.

All that said, you never know. It’s worth a month or two of testing to see if it yields anything.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 02/06/2021 07:58 PM
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There’s no getting around it: I hate packing a bag for a trip.

Because I suck at it. If I’m taking a short trip, I tend to overpack. If I’m taking an extended trip, I tend to underpack. I’m heading out of town tomorrow for a little under a week — which I’d characterize as a medium-sized sojourn. So maybe I’ll hit the just-right baggage capacity for this one.

But I doubt it.

And of course, there’s always the fear of forgetting the phone charger or some other can’t-live-without item. Even though I never do. Or when I do, it’s something easily replaceable like toothpaste. It’s a peculiar strain of traveler’s anxiety, I know.

The ideal would be for me to head for the airport with nothing but the clothes on my back (and whatever’s in the pockets of the same). For that to work, it’d have to be pretty much a 1-2 day trip, which negates the purpose of traveling for pleasure in the first place.

Still, I’m tempted to go that route tonight, despite the length of my time away. Anything to avoid this odious task, represented by the still-empty travel bag. Or at least pack super-light, then just buy whatever I need during my stay in Tampa Bay. My itinerary is loose enough that I could conceivably wing big chunks of it. The temptation is there…

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 02/06/2021 07:30 PM
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