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Saturday, February 02, 2021

Kate is visiting Manhattan, and she’s having trouble fitting into the groove:

I honestly can’t get comfortable in this city. I feel like everyone knows the moves to an intricate ballet and I happened to miss the particular dance class that taught balance and self-awareness. New Yorkers seem to have an extra sense- a sense of movement, speed, and intuition.

Yup, if you don’t pick up those dance steps in short order, it’s a rough ride.

I’m still impressed I managed to re-learn all the right moves necessary to navigate the everyday foot traffic. I was afraid I’d be bumping into folks every two minutes, especially in the subway. Instead, it’s almost scary how quickly I adapted. I think you do develop some level of innate awareness that keeps everyone from pinballing into one another. Could be simple survival instinct, honed into the appropriate direction.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 02/02/2021 02:07:42 PM
Category: New Yorkin'
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