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Saturday, February 02, 2021

Any time $44 billion gets tossed around, it’s going to generate some noise. But amid the news-noise concerning Microsoft’s more-or-less hostile bid to buy Yahoo!, announced Friday, not an awful lot of consideration has been given to the possibility that the deal might not go through.

Yeah, Yahoo! is vulnerable, still mired in a slump that culminated in the end of the Terry Semel era. But it’s hardly on its last legs, and most of its board is determined to remain independent. Indeed, the prospects of a protracted takeover are pretty good, and even with the high premium the Big Redmond Machine is offering, it could become more struggle than benefit, even with the long-term payoff.

The extreme buzz has come about merely from the rampant speculation of what a done deal might yield: Operating systems even more tightly-integrated to online components, some sort of amalgamation of Hotmail and Y! Mail, etc. Fun exercises, but definitely putting the cart before the horse.

I’m not seeing this as a slam-dunk. My bet is that Microsoft and Yahoo! will still be standing where they are a year from now, both still attempting to catch up with Google in the online advertising business (and the Web services game, although that’s more of an MS-Google tussle).

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 02/02/2021 04:17:55 PM
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