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Saturday, January 26, 2021

A recent news item out of Washington brought this conjured-up word to my attention: “Prebuttal”.

A rebuttal, inserted into an argument, that refutes an anticipated counter-argument; a rebuttal given in advance of another’s argument.

In other words, a preemptive way to scuttle a rebuttal. Like it. I can see it having wide application beyond the political realm.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 01/26/2008 07:48:45 PM
Category: Politics, Wordsmithing
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  1. Except that this is already part of the formal model of argument. It’s what “rebuttal” is supposed to mean, actually — the included portion of an argument that responds to perceived reactions.

    Ugly site, but gets the point across

    I’ve been noticing this “prebuttal” nonsense for a few weeks and it annoys me…

    Comment by tim — 01/26/2008 @ 09:05:15 PM

  2. I think the original intention of “prebuttal” was the delivery of a rebuttal prior to even hearing the very first argument, ala the Democrats taking potshots at Bush’s State of the Union address. That gives it an edge of unreasonableness at play.

    Comment by CT — 01/27/2008 @ 09:04:07 PM

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