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Sunday, January 13, 2021

I rarely ever take the 2 or 6 subway lines, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never stepped foot aboard the R train.

And I tell you, the prospect of encountering riders with below-the-waist underwear on display isn’t prompting me to go out of my way for a special trip through those tubes.

Although maybe the participants in yesterday’s seventh annual No Pants Subway Ride should be more concerned of other factors than I am of them:

Nick Wild, 23, couldn’t wait to show off his black Speedo, although he did have some concerns.

“I’m afraid to catch a disease on a subway seat,” he said, before confessing that his dad probably wouldn’t approve of the stunt.

Disease off a seat? Probably the least of your worries when your junk is barely concealed on mass transit.

I do note that they chose the weekend for this stunt, which reduces the crowds and thus the risk. I’d like to see these jokesters go half-bare during a workday rush-hour, when those same trains are probably sardine-packed. See how those boxers feel after skin-to-skin contact with some of New York’s friendliest strangers…

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 01/13/2008 07:50:59 PM
Category: Comedy, New Yorkin'
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