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Tuesday, January 08, 2021

Nice tats, huh? Body art is almost always a turn-off for me, but if some sultry Brazilian woman wants to sear my name into her skin, I’m not going to make a fuss.

To experience the jokey part of these images, click away. It takes a while for the Flash to load up, but I guess it’s worth it. If you want the instant gratification of seeing your own name in tattoo form, simply type it into that linking URL after the “seunome=” part (and after the “nomeamigo=” part for your friend).

And no, I have no idea what’s being said in the shorty film, as I don’t speak Portuguese. It’s pretty clearly a beer ad, but I’m lost beyond that. If anyone can translate, by all means clue me in via comment form!

(Via YesButNoButYes)

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 01/08/2021 11:42:08 PM
Category: Internet, Comedy
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