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Monday, December 31, 2020

connect this, bitch
So a few days ago, I got an email from somebody named Fred, who IDed himself as a Grassroots Campaign Manager for interactive marketing firm M80. I’m pretty sure I came across M80 a long while back, but nothing more recent rang a bell.

Anyway, Fred asked me to use my bloggy powers of exposure to take a look at “Connected”, a Web-based television program produced by MTV Networks and underwritten by T-Mobile. In return, I was promised a “prize pack” for my time.

Am I that easily bribed? Not usually. But since this particular pitch dovetails nicely with my interests in Web media and ad/marketing creative, I figured, why not. It’s the end of the year, anyway — why not cash out while I can?

The series is chopped up into 5-minute webisodes — a format designed both for today’s hyper-short attention spans, and for optimal viewing on T-Mobile’s Sidekick phone/communication device. As a result, the phone itself makes more than a few appearances in the show. Go figure.

Here’s a basic synopsis of the show’s plot and campaign promo:

You win some, and you definitely lose some—especially if you’re at The Agency. David Newman is just trying to keep his clients happy, and trying to keep them in his agency! In the mix are: Amy, a teen movie star with a rep for wild partying and drama; Russell, an aspiring comedian who can’t find the right foot to start on; Quincy, a fresh-from-film-school director with a little indie cred and looking for his first big hit; Jane, a budding singer-songwriter who’s looking for an identity; Alex, music producer, best friend, gamer; and Emily, his trusty assistant and eyes and ears. Catch the Hollywood series everyone is texting about!

Sound familiar? Yep, it’s essentially a reworking of “Entourage”, except it’s focusing more on the agent’s-eye perspective. Plus there’s little/no cursing, from what I saw in watching all but a couple of episodes. David Newman is basically a younger, smaller, less-threatening version of Ari Gold — sanitized in order to sell cellphones.

Whatever happened to the days when Hollywood agents doled out free vials of cocaine to their budding clientele? Instead, Newman hands out Sidekicks. “Crackberry” effect aside, it doesn’t carry the same satisfyingly-sleazy touch.

But whatever works. This is all aimed squarely at the under-18 crowd, so I guess it wouldn’t be prudent for T-Mobile and MTV to be glamorizing illegal substances through this vehicle. Plenty of time for that after they head off to college…

I’m crossing my fingers that the promised “prize pack” will include a Sidekick — or, alternately, a serving sample of agent-approved nose candy. Anything to foster a compulsive habit that will make 2008 a memorable new year! (Disclaimer: Only joking about my desire to indulge in drug use; caffeine and alcohol do the trick for me just fine, thanks.)

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 12/31/2007 05:30:14 PM
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  1. Hey C
    Thanks for placing interest in our show. We’re always looking for some support for a new season!!

    Kenzo Lee (aka Alex Lee)

    Comment by Kenzo Lee — 01/19/2008 @ 11:08:22 PM

  2. No problem Kenzo! As you can see, I was bribed, so it’s all good.

    To really get the buzz buzzing for the upcoming season, see if you can get the rest of the “Connected” cast to drop by here with a comment ;)

    Comment by CT — 01/20/2008 @ 01:48:30 PM


    Not too long ago, I was tapped by marketing firm M80 to blog-review “T-Mobile Connected”, a webisode series created to entertain, captivate — and sell some Sidekicks, by the way.
    I agreed, and delivered a somewhat(?) snarky writeup t…

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 02/11/2021 @ 08:31:11 PM

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