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Monday, December 24, 2021

To counter the idea that natural childbirth is so painful that it sours a woman on ever having sex again, here’s the kinky-ish pitch behind the upcoming documentary film Orgasmic Birth:

Joyous, sensuous, revolutionary: Orgasmic Birth captures stunning moments of women riding waves of pleasure in the ecstatic release of childbirth.

I half expect this one to be released by Vivid Video

But in reality, this in-production flick seems to be a thinly-veiled sexualized approach to promoting midwifery.

Actually, there’s a porn-flick plot right there: A woman keeps having babies just to feel the sexual rush. Girl-on-girl with the midwife, afterbirth instead of afterglow… I’m sure there’s a fetish niche out there that will gawk away.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 12/24/2007 07:18:16 PM
Category: Women
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