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Saturday, December 22, 2021

per se
I was just starting to wonder about the status of One Laptop Per Child “Give One, Get One” donation that I made a month ago, when I received an email from the OLPC Foundation this morning.

In a nutshell, they’ve got shipping/supply problems. The main purpose of their message was to let me know that, if I had intended to give the extra laptop I’d be receiving as a Christmas gift, I was outta luck.

As it happens, I had no such intention. I’m getting the second XO Laptop for myself, to satisfy my own curiosity over the design/engineering accomplishment of what was once tagged as the “$99 laptop” (actual pricetag: $188). I reserve the option of giving it away after I’m done poking around with it — it’s not like I need additional stuff taking up space. We’ll see.

I’m not too put off by the delay. The new shipping date for my machine is by January 15th, and the one going overseas is supposed to get into the hands of some kid during first-quarter 2008. I’m in no rush; maybe the kids are.

If anything, I’d like to get that freebie one-year T-Mobile HotSpot wi-fi subscription that comes with the donation going. I’m finding I could use a reliable wireless connection as I roll around town; plus the knowledge that I’ll soon have the access stokes the anticipation.

Anyway, I’d still recommend contributing. I believe the G1G1 promotion was extended through the end of 2007, so go for it!

One minor bonus from the email: I found out the target countries for receipt of the XOs: Afghanistan, Cambodia, Haiti, Mongolia and Rwanda. Nice to know. For me, it gives the charitable act a little more identifiable context.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 12/22/2007 08:19:35 PM
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It’s a bit heavy on the agency jargon, but “A Few Good Creative Men” is a most apropos application of the parody-like quality of working within the belly of the ad-industry beast:

Along with the “bigger logo” quip, I really like that “sleeps under the blanket of creativity that I provide” line.

And I can’t think of a more suitable scene for skewering than this one from A Few Good Men. As iconic as it’s become, I actually find it almost comical — I just can’t buy that a political animal like that would lose his cool in such an incriminating way, extreme hubris or not. I’ve never been able to watch the entire movie more than the one viewing I took in.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 12/22/2007 08:04:10 PM
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