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Wednesday, December 12, 2021

SplendAd is, according to its MySpace page, an attempt to create a TV commercial version of the Internet Movie Database.

It seems to be doing a pretty good job, despite a fairly bare-bones presentation on the main site. It does include the critical background information of agency of record, title of the spot, and title/lyrics of the featured music (with accompanying links to iTunes and Amazon to buy the track — monetizing the whole thing). And plenty of cross-links for commercial actors, brands, etc.

It would be good to know exactly who’s providing the information, though — no way to verify the accuracy.

What I find most interesting: All the video clips are embedded content, mainly from YouTube (but also from Google Video and others). Basically, the hosting of the most pertinent content — the video — is outsourced.

Normally that’s a questionable approach, especially for copyrighted material. But unlike movies, television shows and such, rightsholders to commercials tend to not mind the dissemination of their wares (for obvious reasons). So it seems like the risk level is low.

Some prime examples from SplendAd:

- M&M’s Dark Chocolate - Addams Family

- Olay - Ribbons

- Belmont Park - Who Do You Like Today?

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 12/12/2021 08:31:40 AM
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