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Sunday, December 09, 2021

First there was Black Friday, signifying the start of concentrated consumerism to start the year-ending holiday season.

With the birth of ecommerce came Cyber Monday, which despite its dubious pedigree has now become more or less bona fide as a Web shopping event.

Lately, enough retailers have been jumping the sales-rush gun on Thanksgiving Day itself to give birth to a nascent Gray Thursday phenomenon.

You’d think those mile-markers would suffice for the retail world. But for good measure, the second Monday in December is being christened with a color:

In fact, the second week of December is traditionally so big that the folks at e-commerce giant eBay have come up with their own moniker for the weekday that kicks it off: “Green Monday” (a reference to cash, rather than eco-friendly shopping). Company employees coined the term this month after realizing that, for the past three years, the strongest sales day for Shopping.com and other eBay sites was the second Monday of December. “It isn’t Black Friday and it isn’t Cyber Monday,” says eBay spokesperson Wendy Sept. “Green Monday is the day that people actually go online and buy.”

So what’s next? A “Blue Monday”, in honor of New Order’s techno-tastic 12-inch anthem? Joy (Division) to the world, shoppers!

Unlike Cyber Monday’s ascent from pure hype to actuality, I don’t see Green Monday catching on as a trigger day for online shoppers. There’s no real pivot day there to build from: Thanksgiving is a day/weekend off for most people, so the piggybacking of Black Friday and Cyber Monday there isn’t a stretch. But the middle of December? Even with the impending approach of Christmas, there’s nothing there to provide traction.

That doesn’t mean Green Monday isn’t valid, to a point. It’s supposed to signal the most intensive online shopping week of the holiday season, when people can count on reasonable shipping rates to deliver their gifts on time. That likely will be the case. It just won’t serve as a call to action for e-retailers, because without another event day to moor it, it won’t break through the existing marketing clutter to resonate with shoppers. It’ll remain a reactive measurement tool, and not morph into a proactive promotional one.

I’ll take this opportunity to shill slightly by recommending the Chase Paymentech Pulse Index for tracking online retail sales for Green Monday (actual numbers won’t be posted until mid-day Tuesday, after they’ve been compiled). I’m working on the analysis and promotion of that Index this ho-ho-holiday season, so I’m being a bit self-serving; on the other hand, I can vouch for it as a reliable business-tool benchmark.

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    So now that “Green Monday”, i.e. the second Monday of December, has joined the holiday shopping landscape, does it live up to its color-of-money signifier?
    The early numbers, per the Chase Paymentech Pulse Index of online retail activity, s…

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