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Wednesday, December 05, 2021

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The Weekly Standard’s Jonathan V. Last takes a look at the continuing resistance in the book world over Google Book Search and the related Google’s Library Project.

Here’s what it boils down to:

Google’s defense of its book-scanning project, says Mr. Last, represents a misguided extension of the company’s guiding vision: that information only has value when people use it, after it has been delivered to them and appropriately organized by a service like Google’s. The creation of a gigantic digital library might sound incredibly useful and appealing, says Mr. Last, but it risks violating the principle embodied in intellectual-property law that created works have value.

In other words, permission’s not required if it enhances — i.e., disseminates to the wide reach of the Web — the product. Google feels it’s performing an inherently good service by enlivening dead-tree material.

This pretty much confirms my assessment of Google’s fundamentally wrong-headed approach when it comes to intellectual property rights:

It’s very much an entitlement-based attitude: Because Google’s mastered the technique, the company feels it can forge ahead without initial consensus-building. In the long run, it’s a fatal flaw in running a business.

Not that it’s hurt Mountain View’s stock price just yet. But hopefully, there’ll be a reckoning at some point.

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Just spreading the word on 8trk’s upcoming “An Apple A Day” promotion, seeing as how I’m helping launch the site. Dissemin-8-ing, so to speak (pardon the pun — or don’t).

Read on:

In service of 8trk’s commitment to expanding your interest in music, from December 10th thru December 31st 8trk will be giving away FREE MUSIC to one new winner, every day, from Apple iTunes.

That’s the “Apple a day” part. Get it? (It’s really an iTunes gift card code, but “an iTunes a day” didn’t have the same ring to it, y’know?)

There’s more! One lucky winner will walk away with a BRAND NEW IPOD from Apple – how’s that to feed your music appetite?

The rules of the giveaway are simple:

* Visit blog.8trk.com as often as possible
* Comment on any post(s) that you find interesting or answer a survey question, providing your email address in the process
* Tell your friends to visit blog.8trk.com. Okay, this one is not exactly a rule, but hey – spread the love!

That’s it. If you win you will be able to immediately go to iTunes to get that album that you’ve wanted and couldn’t find, that album you had and lost or one of any of those fantastic 8trk recommendations. Good luck!

More details and legalese right here. Yes, you will need to have iTunes loaded up on your computer in order to make use of those sweet gift card codes; but then, you’ve already got it, right? So have at it.

And to help create more comment-worthy terrain for contest purposes, you’ll be seeing a few timely postings by yours truly over at the 8trk blog. Try keeping the doctor away with all that!

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