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Sunday, November 25, 2021

wrong number
Without fail, whenever I whip out my iPod Touch in public, those interested enough to comment invariably compliment me on owning… An iPhone.

Which is a reasonable mistake. Even on close inspection, the visual differences between the Touch and the iPhone are few: The iPhone is slightly thicker and taller thanks to its integrated earpiece and camera, both of which are absent on the latest-generation iPod. That, plus a few other minor design details (and a more icon-heavy default start screen, although that’s adjustable via hacks), is the only way to get a quick read on which Apple gadget one is packing. If you’re not overly familiar with one or the other, you’re not going to be able to tell right off the bat.

Beyond that, it seems the iPhone got loads more hype leading up to its release; by now, the popular consciousness is familiar enough with the iconic visual of an ultra-slim handheld that most can safely assume the item in question is the iPhone. By contrast, despite a standout television commercial, the iPod Touch hasn’t received nearly as much exposure. In fact, I think the Touch has been pretty much lost amid the lingering buzz over the iPhone.

I actually take advantage of this fuzziness by using the common shorthand for describing the Touch: It’s an iPhone without the phone part. Essentially true, but it undermines the device by defining it in terms of another, too-similar device (albeit not a competing one).

Anyway, I’m not scoring too many points off being a faux-iPhoner (iFaux?). Once I clear up the matter, it usually leads to a nice, if brief, chat on how cool our modern-day tech toys are.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 11/25/2007 08:58:14 PM
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  1. iPhone without the phone — that’s how I describe mine to strangers, too.

    I love it. The wifi-browsing is wonderful.

    Comment by david — 11/25/2007 @ 11:53:26 PM

  2. It’s a quickie-quippy response that works. If you wanna be complete, it’s also an iPhone without the phone, and without the camera, and without the external speaker. Plus without all the other phone-centric software :)

    The wi-fi browsing has been fabulous. Chief reason why I’ve had no regrets about buying it.

    Comment by CT — 11/26/2007 @ 07:38:57 PM

  3. I have an iTouch too!! Same thing happens to me. My fiance has an iPhone though, i wish the itouch came with the weather bug or camera.

    Comment by Tara — 12/06/2021 @ 08:22:08 PM

  4. I’m overdue for a review post on my likes and dislikes about the Touch. Short version: The only thing I feel is missing is a true notepad tool (I’ve been using the Contacts address book for jotting down ideas), and some oldschool arcade games (which I’d gladly pay iTunes to get).

    Comment by CT — 12/07/2021 @ 09:36:25 PM

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