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Monday, November 05, 2021

When Applebee’s decided to conjure up a mascot for its new rebranding campaign, the restaurant chain’s name suggested, well, two obvious options:

1. An apple.

2. A bee.

They went with the apple.

Which, taking into account the marketing onslaught lately inflicted by promotion for Bee Movie, smacks of swimming against the current.

Not to mention that Wanda Sykes‘ nasally voice is so much better suited for an animated bee character than an inert fruit…

Additionally, Bee Movie’s strong opening box office indicates that Applebee’s really missed the chance to make a big splash, either in partnership with Jerry Seinfeld/DreamWorks or independently. Just think if it had rolled out a brand-new bee mascot this weekend: Buzzed-up audiences rolling out of movie theaters would be subliminally-induced to head for the nearest bee-themed eatery they could find!

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 11/05/2021 11:35:59 PM
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Gee, I didn’t see this one coming. Acknowledging that he’s cobbled together the corporate equivalent of a Frankenstein’s monster, Barry Diller announced that IAC/InteractiveCorp will be split into five separate companies, in order to pull the old “unlock the entities’ stock value” maneuver.

Diller’s other motivation: To get John Malone off his back.

Here’s the shape of things to come:

When the transaction is complete, the five businesses will include:

* IAC — This unit will own Web sites such as Ask.com, Match.com and Excite as well as several other Internet properties including Bloglines, Citysearch, Gifts.com and CollegeHumor and investments in sites such as Active.com, Points.com and Brightcove.

* HSN — This unit will be comprised of IAC/InteractiveCorp’s current retailing businesses that include HSN TV, HSN.com and Cornerstone Brands as well as a portfolio of catalogs and retail stores.

* Ticketmaster — Includes properties such as Admission.com, Biletix, Billetnet, BillettService, LiveDaily, TicketService and TicketWeb as well as investments in Frontline and iLike.

* LendingTree — The parent’s financial arm will be spun off to include the LendingTree.com business as well as RealEstate.com, Domania, GetSmart, Home Loan Center and iNest.

* Interval International — This unit will also include CondoDirect, Resort Quest Hawaii and VacationSource.com.

It always amazed me that shareholders and partners went along with Diller’s years-long un-strategy of simply throwing money at anything that sorta/kinda hinted at online business. I guess nothing lasts forever. Let’s see if he can resist a repeat of the mish-mosh acquisition approach when he’s in charge of the reduced IAC remnant company.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 11/05/2021 10:52:14 PM
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