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Friday, November 02, 2021

what's uploading, doc
With a 100-buck pricetag, Nabaztag is slightly too pricey to be a frivolous purchase.

But I wouldn’t mind test-driving one for a while. This wi-fi enabled toy rabbit audio-delivers RSS feeds and music, among other things, and generally gives the Web media experiences a plastically-goofy context.

This brings to mind the old-style television bunny-ear antenna, now updated for the 21st Century.

Those ears, by the way, are both movable and removable. It occurs to me that a Nabaztag sans bunny-ears would look suspiciously like a Halloween ghost. So perhaps a recent holiday sales-positioning opportunity has been missed? (Assuming this thing will even work without those ears.)

I’ll also give parent company Violet props for maintaining an appropriately irreverent Nabaztag blog, just perfect for soft-selling such a tech-cutesy product. I especially liked the proposed throw-down between Nabaztag and Honda’s Asimo robot:

Hey, Asimo, do you know what a Flying Dragon Ear Strike looks like? How about a Five Point Rabbit Throat Punch? Nabaztag knows. You see, he’s been practicing Tai Chi for years… while you where still playing with LEGOs in your Daddy’s server farm. So just turn around and go home kid… just go home.

Hmm. Pretty large talk from a rabbit with no visible appendages — unless you count removable ears…

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 11/02/2021 08:17:24 AM
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