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Sunday, October 21, 2021

Here’s how to pare down the Presidential Cabinet, which is often criticized as being bloated:

Eliminate the Departments whose Secretaries are wasting time blogging.

Hello, Homeland Security’s Michael Chertoff and Health & Human Services’ Mike Leavitt!

Start packing up your desks now, boys. And be heartened that, once relieved of your post, you’ll have loads of time for blogging full-time.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 10/21/2007 09:02:18 PM
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Consider my major events from this weekend:

1. I hit Taj Lounge late last night, mainly because I was already on the guest list (which is never a guarantee that I’ll go, but always good to keep the bases covered). The name was an obvious tip-off to the joint’s Indian theme. But I wasn’t aware that the crowd also would be, indeed, predominantly ethnically Indian.

It was a mixed bag. On the plus side, some very friendly and approachable people, and I found a new flavored vodka I like (Absolut Pears, the oddity being that I hate pears). The minus side was that, by midnight, the place was still only half-full; plus the ambiance, even with a decent dance mix going, wasn’t particularly strong. So I left relatively early, to see what else the Flatiron district had to offer.

2. This afternoon, I caught The Darjeeling Limited. This latest Wes Anderson opus incorporates India not only as its backdrop, but also through the use of Bollywood camera techniques and soundtracks.

To prep for the movie, I re-watched Hotel Chevalier, a non-essential but still enjoyable (if only for Natalie Portman’s performance) mini-prequel to Darjeeling that Anderson even promotes during the feature film’s intro. I actually pulled it off iTunes a couple of weeks ago, and had been in love with its soundtrack ever since.

So, an Indian bar and an Indian movie. I easily could have gone for the trifecta and dined on Indian food this evening, as there are plenty of such restaurants nearby. Maybe tomorrow.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 10/21/2007 08:41:08 PM
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