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Tuesday, October 09, 2021

on-keyScore! After coming up empty yesterday, today I managed to snag one of the Unlock Your NHL Dreams prize keys.

I could already be a winner! Or, by the same token, I could already be a loser…

I went to the subway station on the corner of Columbus Avenue and 60th Street, where I found a kid, wearing a vintage Pittsburgh Penguins t-shirt and somewhat nonchalantly offering out keys. He definitely needed to pump up the volume, but whatever; I got mine, as you can see here and Flickr’d here (as well as over here, since I took the photo with my MWW Group-provided Nikon D80 camera).

Before coming upon this key, I had in mind to stop by Bryant Park on the way home today, as another NHL intern team was supposed to be handing out keys there as well. But as you can make out, the key doesn’t appear to be distinctively-toothed — I have a feeling each one is identical. So I’m guessing you need only one key to get a shot at a prize.

Now, to wait until Friday’s grand opening of the 47th Street NHL Powered By Reebok flagship store, when I’ll get a chance to use this key for some hockey swag. I’m crossing my fingers on winning the trip to the All-Star Game in Atlanta.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 10/09/2021 11:16:48 PM
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    I took some time out of my busy Friday schedule to attend the midday grand opening of the National Hockey League’s new flagship retail store, NHL Powered by Reebok.
    It was a zoo, all right. I don’t know that I managed to capture that craze…

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