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Tuesday, September 18, 2021

After watching the trailer, Virginia Heffernan has soured on the prospects of MySpace’s forthcoming Webcasted television offering, “Quarterlife”.

No offense intended toward Heffernan, who I love reading, but it occurs to me that she’s probably too far past the quarterlife mark herself for this sort of thing to resonate with her.

As am I, actually. It doesn’t work for me either. But even before I saw the trailer, I thought the concept was solid enough for the same audience that scarfs up quasi-amateur online videos. Frankly, I think the conditions — especially the activist social-networking component — are right for this to take off in a major way. Perhaps — holding hyperbole in check — finally effecting the large-scale shift in eyeballs from TV to Web.

Naturally, the money has to be right as well, and enough of the commercial elements are buying in to make that feasible. Plus, MySpace is well-positioned to be the hub of this activity:

“What MySpace has to deal with right now is a ton of inventory that advertisers don’t find very useful,” said JupiterResearch analyst Emily Riley in reference to the site’s sea of member pages…

MySpace is not unwise to be using its platform as an entertainment hub, added Riley, as its highly connected community is fertile ground for a show’s popularity to spread like wildfire.

“If they do find the right content for their audience, it would probably spread very quickly.”

So I’m not too concerned about the Web being ready to support television-like content. Rather, I’d worry about the ability of the creative folks to pull it off. According to the comment reaction at IMDb.com for the previous incarnation of the show, “1/4life” didn’t exactly come off as authentic/compelling.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 09/18/2007 10:18:10 PM
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    It seems like only yesterday that “Quarterlife” was going to be the long-awaited breakout Web television hit. It had MySpace behind it, with a healthy chunk of its millions of users as a built-in audience.
    Flash forward: On the strength of …

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