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Friday, September 14, 2021

Technically, the national anthem of Spain is not sung in Spanish.

That’s because there’s nothing to sing. Owing to the country’s divisive history and fragmented regionalism, an instrumental-only anthem is used to avoid contentious debate.

That means Spaniards can’t break into song whenever national pride strikes them — they have to just hum or da-da-da the song’s melody. At least there’s no running joke material when a pre-game singer flubs the lyrics, as is the case in the States.

There are efforts to add words to Madrid’s theme music:

Meanwhile, Telecinco, the television station, conducted an online poll and came up with its winning entry, by the poet and journalist Enrique Hernandez-Luike. It’s a piece of “simple metaphors and accessible musicality,” Telecinco said.

It opens with a paean to “Mother Homeland, arms entwined in a sign of peace,” and invokes the flag, freedom, the constitution, “an ensemble of cultures” and “the hand of Europe.”

One thing it does not mention: Spain.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 09/14/2007 08:17:02 AM
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