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Sunday, September 09, 2021

I guess I’m not particularly unique in expressing a fondness for Manhattan’s Bryant Park. The movers and shakers at the New York branch of National Public Radio share that fondness, to the point of setting up The Bryant Park Project.

What’s that? It looks to be a new breaking-news program from NPR, with a hipper, youthful edge.

Since I don’t listen to any radio whatsoever, I’m both the least receptive and most-sought-after audience for this Project. As long as there’s the online component (more the blogging, way less the podcasting), I can always check at my convenience.

Actually, it’s been a good while since I’ve visited Bryant. I’ve been way too busy most of the summer to do more than just pass by. I guess NPR’s campout there will give me a mild incentive to drop in and check things out. Maybe especially inside of a month, when I’ll have my new wi-fi capable iPod Touch, and so will be able to Web-browse while I track down, say, BPP contributor and ex-MTVer Alison Stewart.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 09/09/2021 04:11:17 PM
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on the range
A few days ago, I wrote:

I’ll have to be sure to grab a ticket for the January 24th Rangers game versus the Atlanta Thrashers, just to see the on-ice ceremony when New York retires Brian Leetch’s No. 2 jersey at Madison Square Garden.

So much for that idea:

Overwhelmed by ticket requests for their entire season, the Rangers have only about 350 seats available for any given game. And for Leetch Night, they must set aside every seat not assigned to a season-ticket holder for family members and guests, leaving none available when individual game tickets go on sale Sept. 15.

So it looks like I’ll have to make friends with some season ticket holders. And/or some scalpers. And/or plan a few trips to Newark, to take in live NHL hockey at the Devils’ new digs.

Why the frenzy for Blueshirts tix? I haven’t detected a word-on-the-street groundswell of excitement, but apparently, local hockey enthusiasts are looking at a team built for a big things — even a Stanley Cup championship.

Is this warranted? Indeed, Rangers brass made the right moves on paper this offseason, aimed right for the middle: They upgraded bigtime from Michael Nylander and Matt Cullen to Scott Gomez and Chris Drury. The center position has been the team’s notable weak link for the past two seasons, although more from a case of mismatching than a lack of talent: Nylander, while a good fit with Jaromir Jagr, isn’t cut out for first-line work, and Cullen works better as a third-line pivot (which is the position he’ll resume in Carolina). It’s impressive that Rangers management deftly addressed this area, and it makes the team that much stronger.

The rest of the roster looks solid enough. Henrik Lundqvist looks like the real deal in goal, and the blueliners in front of him are, at a minimum, capable. The third line might be a question mark, but there’s faith that young forward Brandon Dubinsky will grow into his role there.

But is this enough for a championship run? Training camps start this week, and the season opener will be here soon enough. I can’t wait to see.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 09/09/2021 03:25:12 PM
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