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Thursday, September 06, 2021

not kosherThose would be vintage Israeli-produced pulp paperbacks based on Nazi themes, called “Stalags”. The lurid publications, which were deemed a social scourge among youths in the post-war Jewish state, are coming under fresh examination in a new documentary film.

The Stalags were practically the only pornography available in the Israeli society of the early 1960s, which was almost puritanical. They faded out almost as suddenly as they had appeared. Two years after the first edition was snatched up from kiosks around the central bus station in Tel Aviv, an Israeli court found the publishers guilty of disseminating pornography. The most famous Stalag, “I Was Colonel Schultz’s Private Bitch,” was deemed to have crossed all the lines of acceptability, prompting the police to try to hunt every copy down.

And for those who aren’t clued in: My title for this post is based upon the historical “penny dreadfuls”, aka the first mass-produced literature for the masses. The time and currency shifts, but the idea stays largely the same.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 09/06/2021 11:08:44 PM
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rangers deuce
I’ll have to be sure to grab a ticket for the January 24th Rangers game versus the Atlanta Thrashers, just to see the on-ice ceremony when New York retires Brian Leetch’s No. 2 jersey at Madison Square Garden.

I always felt the most underrated aspect of Leetch’s game was his mastery of the hip check. That’s the clean hip check, not the cheap-shot knee-on-knee version that players like Bryan Marchment dealt out.

Like any physical play, that move eventually wore out Leetch, contributing to the waning of his skating skills in his later years. Still, that maneuver, along with his conspicuous production as a offensive defenseman, made him one of the more complete players to lace them up for the Blueshirts. And it goes without saying that the Cup never would have been hoisted in Manhattan if Leetch weren’t in that 1993-94 lineup.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 09/06/2021 10:35:15 PM
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Playing off past reports of a text-messaged retirement “announcement”, David cheekily speculates on how Jeremy Roenick (with his 495 career NHL goals) communicated with San Jose GM Doug Wilson to arrive at a one-year, $500,000 contract with the Sharks:

[Wilson]: wnt 500?
[Roenick]: gols?
W: $
R: wnt both
W: play in sj?
R: k

Does Roenick’s wireless provider get the agent’s commission?

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 09/06/2021 09:59:58 PM
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